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How do you feel when you lift a book or read a website or even a blog and realise that you only understand one word in three? How do you feel when you try and find out how to do something but after a few moments you realise the instructions only make you more confused? How do you feel when you attend a talk or a lecture and the speaker seems more intent on proving his or her superior knowledge than in trying to teach you something?

Pretty frustrated I would think. At least, that is how I feel at such times.

That is why I resolved to make my own writing as accessible as possible. I write in a variety of genres, including historical fiction and popular history, but I always strive to ensure the content of my books are easy to read. Those academics who write dense script with a plethora of perhaps intellectual but certainly incomprehensible language are only defeating their own objectives. Knowledge should be shared; it is not a secret purely for the learned.

Surely it is the purpose of books to dissimilate knowledge and ideas? If not, then writing them is merely an exercise that strokes the ego and serves no useful purpose.

In my mind, all writing, in every subject, should be understandable. Others, of course, are free to disagree.







About malcolmarchibald

Happily married for 34 years to Cathy, I have three grown children and live in the depths of Moray in northern Scotland. I was educated in Edinburgh and Dundee and work as a lecturer in Inverness, while writing historical books, both fiction and fact.
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2 Responses to Accessible knowledge

  1. I’m so glad you wrote that because I completely agree. I hated in college when a teacher would talk at us instead of teach us. And when I write, I could write like that. As if I’m forcing my idea down your throat instead of writing so you have room to understand and make the world your own. Having read many of your books 🙂 I have to agree that you write with an excellent style that lets the fact be interwoven nicely with fiction. Even your non-fiction is more like having a conversation than reading a text book of facts. I enjoy them all. 🙂

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