This day in Scottish history

01 January 1573


For some years, Sir William Kirkcaldy of Grange, ‘the bravest soldier in Christendom’ had held Edinburgh Castle for the exiled and imprisoned Queen Mary. This day saw the expiry of a truce between Kirkcaldy and the Regent Morton, who fought for the infant King James VI. At six that morning the castle gun’s opened up on the city, which was full of king’s men. The siege was to continue until May, when Morton, with help from England, battered the castle to submission.

1555: Bloody Vespers, clan Battle in Elgin Cathedral between 100 men of Clan Innes and 72 of the Dunbars.


Miscellaneous events:

1600: first celebration of New Year in Scotland on this date. Until this year it had been celebrated on 25th March 1740 River Tay froze over, and remained in that condition for six weeks. 1811, Bell Rock Lighthouse began operations; 1848, Irish Navvies rioted in Stonehaven

Royalty and politics:

1537 King James V married Magdalene of France; 1651, In the last coronation in Scotland, Charles II was crowned at Scone; 1766, James Stewart, the ‘Old Pretender’, died

Industry and commerce:

1760 Carron ironworks near Falkirk start operation; 1783 The first British chamber of commerce founded in Glasgow 1800 New Lanark Twist Company founded

transport: 1923, London Midland and Scottish and London and North Eastern Railway formed from an amalgamation of earlier companies.

Literature and the arts: 1963 The Beatles opened a 5-day tour of Scotland to promote their first single Love Me Do

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Happily married for 34 years to Cathy, I have three grown children and live in the depths of Moray in northern Scotland. I was educated in Edinburgh and Dundee and work as a lecturer in Inverness, while writing historical books, both fiction and fact.
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