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This day in Scottish history

01 January 1573 Military: For some years, Sir William Kirkcaldy of Grange, ‘the bravest soldier in Christendom’ had held Edinburgh Castle for the exiled and imprisoned Queen Mary. This day saw the expiry of a truce between Kirkcaldy and the … Continue reading

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Sawney Bean

  Sawney Bean is the cannibal per excellence. When anybody mentions Scottish cannibals, it is Sawney Bean who springs to mind and no wonder. His is a story of horror, murder and cannibalism that would be suitable for any late-night … Continue reading

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Whisky Wars, riots and murder

In the part of north Scotland where I live, there are many distilleries. They seem to sprout from the ground like miniature factories, each with that strange little triangular pointy-thing that seems to be essential to the production of perfect … Continue reading

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Modern true crime and the Glasgow Curse

Hi Folks After months of not blogging, this week I have caught up with a daily blog. It will not last, but here we are again. I would like to thank everybody who has expressed an interest in the blogs … Continue reading

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The importance of luck

Hi folks I have a very good friend from Baltimore in the USA. She is one of the finest natural writers that I have ever read, yet she has not yet had a book published.  Yesterday I asked myself why … Continue reading

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The Darkest Walk

The world seems to be going crazy just now. High profile crimes dominate the newspapers. In the UK there is the scandal of child molesting public personalities and yesterday two homeless men were stabbed to death in Birmingham. The United States … Continue reading

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Kipling, Rioting soldiers and the Press

Hi everybody You will have heard of Rudyard Kipling of course. He gets a bad press nowadays, being castigated as an Imperialist and sometimes also a racist, but a lot of what he wrote is as topical today as it … Continue reading

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