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Sergeant Mendick and the themes and influences of Victorian crime novels

Many years ago I read about a ship named Madagascar. According to the story, this vessel was a¬†clipper that was pirated by her own crew. The loyal hands were murdered and there was rape and pillage. A bit like Treasure … Continue reading

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Television and publicity

Well now It is no secret that I write books about crime and whaling, both fiction and non fiction. Nor is it a secret that I am shockingly poor at the publicity side of things. In this day, writing is … Continue reading

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Criminal Writing

It is many months since I last blogged, and this will be short and sweet. This has been the most productive year of my writing life, with five books published. I have written two crime non fiction books, two whaling … Continue reading

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The importance of luck

Hi folks I have a very good friend from Baltimore in the USA. She is one of the finest natural writers that I have ever read, yet she has not yet had a book published.¬† Yesterday I asked myself why … Continue reading

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Sometimes fiction is as painful as life

Hi Everybody I suppose most writers are the same. We use our own experiences to add reality to what we write. I know that I do. Take The Darkest Walk for instance. That is my crime thriller set in Victorian … Continue reading

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In 2008 I wrote Powerstone, which was a novel about stealing the Scottish crown jewels. Although the story was entirely fictional, many of the details were based on either fact or folklore. For example I focussed a lot of attention … Continue reading

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A Sink of Atrocity

You will have heard of the old saying ‘Give a dog a bad name and hang him.’ That is something like the feeling for the city of Dundee in Scotland. At one time it was the second town of the … Continue reading

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