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A Packet of Liverpool

This time yesterday I was sitting beside the Beatles Museum, looking over at the Ferry across the Mersey and within a shadow’s fall of the Liver Building. It was all so Liverpool: the essence of that bustling, vibrant and very … Continue reading

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Sergeant Mendick and the themes and influences of Victorian crime novels

Many years ago I read about a ship named Madagascar. According to the story, this vessel was a¬†clipper that was pirated by her own crew. The loyal hands were murdered and there was rape and pillage. A bit like Treasure … Continue reading

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Attack in France

Shocking news from France. I am sure that every decent person in the world will condemn this attack on an office of unarmed journalists and writers. There is little doubt that the attackers claim to be Islamists but equally little … Continue reading

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Whisky Wars, riots and murder

In the part of north Scotland where I live, there are many distilleries. They seem to sprout from the ground like miniature factories, each with that strange little triangular pointy-thing that seems to be essential to the production of perfect … Continue reading

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Researching and writing

Hi Folks Do you ever get so involved with your research that the writing itself becomes just a bothersome chore that needs to be done? Normally I love to play with words, to juggle alliteration with assonance, to alternate short … Continue reading

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Criminal Writing

It is many months since I last blogged, and this will be short and sweet. This has been the most productive year of my writing life, with five books published. I have written two crime non fiction books, two whaling … Continue reading

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In 2008 I wrote Powerstone, which was a novel about stealing the Scottish crown jewels. Although the story was entirely fictional, many of the details were based on either fact or folklore. For example I focussed a lot of attention … Continue reading

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The Darkest Walk

The world seems to be going crazy just now. High profile crimes dominate the newspapers. In the UK there is the scandal of child molesting public personalities and¬†yesterday two homeless men were stabbed to death in Birmingham. The United States … Continue reading

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Serial murderers, bodysnatchers and the gloss of history

Hi Everybody I was looking at the site of Diane Kratz, who is an authority on American serial killers, and I realised that my own country, Scotland, also had a few historical uglies of that genre. Two who sprang immediately … Continue reading

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