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After publication

Good afternoon people Does anybody else share my feeling of wonderment, followed by disbelief and some discomfort after they have finally achieved an ambition? I feel that with every book I have published. First comes the feeling of wonder; it … Continue reading

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Accessible knowledge

Hi there How do you feel when you lift a book or read a website or even a blog and realise that you only understand one word in three? How do you feel when you try and find out how … Continue reading

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Sometimes fiction is as painful as life

Hi Everybody I suppose most writers are the same. We use our own experiences to add reality to what we write. I know that I do. Take The Darkest Walk for instance. That is my crime thriller set in Victorian … Continue reading

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In 2008 I wrote Powerstone, which was a novel about stealing the Scottish crown jewels. Although the story was entirely fictional, many of the details were based on either fact or folklore. For example I focussed a lot of attention … Continue reading

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The Darkest Walk

The world seems to be going crazy just now. High profile crimes dominate the newspapers. In the UK there is the scandal of child molesting public personalities and yesterday two homeless men were stabbed to death in Birmingham. The United States … Continue reading

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